About Us

Company Background

Recycling Markets Limited (RML) is a New York State privately-owned, closely held, for profit New York Corporation, with no official ties to the Recycling and Solid Waste Industry.

For over 35 years, RML and its affiliates have been in the business of managing databases, specialty information, and objective, unbiased commodity pricing for the Recycling and Solid Waste Industry.

The company has always worked closely with major trade-related Associations, while developing a strong relationship with key officials from leading companies actively involved in the Recycling Process across the USA and Canada. This includes Consultants, Consumers, Brokers, Collectors and Processors of Post-Consumer Recyclable Materials, as well as Equipment Manufacturers and Distributors.

Throughout this period, RML has also developed and maintained strong brand recognition with Municipal and State officials in all regions of North America.

Commodity Pricing

In 2002, RML created and developed the Online Commodity Pricing Index divisions, namely SecondaryFiberPricing.com (SFP Index) and SecondaryMaterialsPricing.com (SMP Index).

The original objective of the Index System remains constant: “To collect current market data, reported confidentially online weekly, by a qualified group of Purchasing Officials representing major Recycling Collection Centers and Consumers. The Summary Data is then published as an ‘Independent’, unbiased Pricing Guideline for Generators, Recyclers and Consumers of recyclable materials.”

Working with key industry Associations and officials over the years, RML has gradually introduced and expanded upon the Post-Consumer Materials and Industry Specifications content now available on the Index.

With over 15 years of historical Online Pricing Data, the SFP & SMP Index brands are now recognized nationally as the official, ‘Real-Time’ price reporting benchmark for ‘Curbside’ post-consumer commodity materials, including Paper, Plastics, Glass, Metal and Aluminum Cans.

Widely acknowledged for its reliability and historical accuracy, the Index is now utilized daily as a cost-effective reference guide, by all levels of Government and the Recycling Industry.

In addition to timely access to Commodity Pricing, Members have ‘Unlimited’ instant access to valuable, detailed historical pricing data information on all materials, to assist with their ongoing research and future planning.

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